Who ordered the snow??

Seriously… we have gotten some major snow in the last 48 hours. I am 5’7 and it was almost up to my hip. I  don’t remember snow like that since 1996, and even then it was only up to my hip and that was 10 years ago so I must have been quite a bit shorter than now. Crazy crazy. Needless to say, today has involved much shoveling (and MUCH more to go), play in the yard, and this evening a walk to the cemetary to let the 4 -leggers run.

These are strictly record shots, nothing photographically pleasing really. It was snowing too much to bother taking the camera out for long (it has been through many a storm already, and this snow is not going anywhere fast).  So here you go.. I think the count is somewhere over 27 inches, when we find the tape measure we will have a more exact number.  This all started friday morning around 10AM.. Pretty insane amount for such a small amount of time.  Anyway, here are some photos..

Back yard, Saturday, 9 AM

Slow progress

Some perspective, the snow was twice as high as the shovel bottom. again this was at 9AM

AC/Heater unit thing

Front "Yard"

Chris' car is hiding

hey, I think i see my car...

Luna, contemplating whether she really needs to go outside.

Hopefully these give you an idea of how much snow we got. I hope to get my camera out for a walk tomorrow somehow. It will be tricky with the two dogs I have to walk too, but maybe I will go out on my own or something. Really wish we could get out to see the super bowl with family. But I highly doubt it.. the only option would be to walk to Edge Hill and watch it there, but it won’t be the same at all.. grrr.. downside of not having TV. But not that big of one really. Who knows, maybe the plows will really get to work tonight (I bet they are happy to have the snow, but also hating it at the same time… but still, much more busy this year than most lately)

Alright, off to find something more productive to do.. Stay tuned.


About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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