My Fiona..

Haven’t had much of a chance to get the camera out these days.. Meant to bring it to work today to get some pics of the dogs running around, but I forgot.. tomorrow maybe.. I wish I had a bunch of new photography material to share, but see previous statements.. Anyway, I have been trying to plug away at sorting photos, into categories per year, on my external hard drive and ran across some goat photos..

Introducing Fiona..

Such a nosey goat...

She was my fair maiden goat.. started out very girl looking, all white, pink eyelids and nose.. just very pretty (I need to try and find a picture of that..).. then after about a year she started getting some very faint cream spots.. and her nose darkened… it’s just as well because she did not have a very lady-like attitude.. out of the four kids (that’s baby goats to you non farm/animal people) that I raised, she was the boss of the four.. and only submitted to the Matriarch (Rosie).. And because she was the leader of the kids.. she was always the fattest as she had first pick on food..  You would never think goats were so orderly huh..

A more formal portrait..

As I sort I shall share more.. hope you don’t mind my glimpses into the past.. it should be new material for you anyhow 😉


About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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