My new lens!

Sooooo, I got my new camera lens today.. Canon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens..

So far I’m quite happy with it.. Didn’t allow myself much play time with it as I really need to go pack.. So here is a test shot, which probably isn’t a very good test shot/subject.. But I like it anyway, and mainly wanted something to put up with my announcement..

I’m going to start really learning the whole light metering process.. did a little bit here for the bright clump to the right.. this is straight out of camera, and I’m pretty happy with the lighting. Should have burned the left hand clump a bit so it doesn’t detract so much. BUT no time for fiddling with photos.. back to work I go.. Here’s to hoping we can get moved this weekend!


About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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2 Responses to My new lens!

  1. Goodie Girl says:

    OMG…I think you already have it mastered. This is breathtaking.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks! Can’t imagine what you see in this snapshot, but I’ll take it! 🙂 Browsed over your blog and I shall be adding it to my list. Love finding cooking blogs, I don’t spend nearly enough time photographing the food/baked goods I make, really should get a little set up area for that, so I don’t feel ashamed sharing them. Thanks for stopping by.

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