52 Weeks of Photos: Week 13; a week in my life… sort of

I must warn you, this is one random assortment of photos… but it represents my life this week….

straight out of iPhone pics…


Got anything good in your pockets???...??


had to include Wyatt as he often sits for me too

So last weekend Mr. (going to abbreviation… hope that’s okay, I don’t think he reads this anyway) and I got iPhones.. AT&T was running a great sale for 50 bucks, so since I really needed a new phone, and he wanted one too we snatched some up.. I have been wrapping up a client shoot I had with Nicole, so I tried not to let myself play with my new phone too much till I was done with those (haha that plan didn’t last too long)… these are the first official 4 legger photos, not bad for straight out of camera.  That top pic is a very typical pic of Luna, she will sit nice and poised around the yard quite often and just watch things… I like that the phone even picked up her drool, not sure what that was about though. And I love the second pic for sheer cuteness.. And mr Wyatt is growing up into a fine looking lab, and is honestly a very nice dog. But moving on…

As I mentioned I spent a lot of this week sorting and finishing up client photos.  I was asked to shoot a surprise 65th wedding anniversary party… how cool is that? 65 years! I can’t even imagine, we will be celebrating 2 years of marriage this month, I can’t even imagine where 65 years will bring us.  When I congratulated them, Gen’s words of advice were to treat him nicely and make sure he treats me the same (I think we have that down pretty well). Anyway here are a couple pics, more on my website.


Gen, pleasantly surprised? Yes



Jim, I love the love


How could I not include her, kids always steal my heart...



Yes that’s a tomato… it represents my week in the kitchen. I made tacos for dinner a night this week and when I sliced this one in half I HAD to photograph it.  I am not in love with how this turned out, but it was a quick 5 minute to document it thing.  I really wish I had a light table and a soft light, would have come out more like I envisioned. yes I could take the shadow out, but there is no denying the top light so why bother?  I don’t know why I felt the need to shoot this outside it having a wonderful inside… that sounds weird huh. Well I never claimed to be normal. This is the only food related photo I took this week.  I may be taking a baking break since most of what I cook I don’t eat (it’s for the Mr.) and most of what I bake I do… things are clearly unbalanced and my waist is proof. Soooo I’m thinking on what to do with my (semi) popular foodie friday posts… ideas?  I did cook tacos, and a huge batch of pizza.  Found out the hard way that my mixer is not happy about 10 cups of bread flour, which left me kneading the double batch by hand. It still turned out nice.  I should have taken pics I know, but it never does the pizza justice.  So cooking was at a low this week.. but dogs were at a high (more on that later)



I shall leave you with this chocolate sweetie.  This is Maple, a chocolate lab back for boarding that I trained earlier last year I think.  She did beautifully and is a very sweet girl and cute too (even if her sit is the laziest I’ve seen).  I liked this pic because it showed her “monkey ears” but hopefully one day I can get a better picture. As I said more on the dog thing later. For now it’s time to sleep, early morning tomorrow as Nicole and I head into D.C. to shoot the cherry blossoms (hopefully) I have never been but I got new shoes today, and the camera battery is charging.

Hope you all have a lovely sunday




About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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6 Responses to 52 Weeks of Photos: Week 13; a week in my life… sort of

  1. Great pics as usual!
    I kind of like the shadow in the tomato pic.

  2. Kas says:

    Anna, you take such beautiful pictures! I love how you can feel the emotions shine through in each one.

    • Anna says:

      Aww thank you, I love when I have managed to capture the emotion, even if it’s of a dog, sometimes that makes it harder depending on the breed. Some wear them on their sleeves, others hide them, just like people I spose.

  3. Maple’s lazy sit reminds me of Gus when he’s being a turd. Great photo, though. 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying DC…can’t wait to see those Cherry Blossom photos!

    • Anna says:

      Haha, I don’t think I have ever seen Luna sit like this. She will sit on her butt/tail if that makes sense, almost laid back like a human would.. Wyatt sometimes will kick his hip under but only when really tired. i can understand Gus doing it as he has a longer body and usually it’s hard for them to sit (or so they would have us believe 😉 )

      Hopefully the weather holds tomorrow and I can get some nice shots, I wouldn’t want to disappoint 😉

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