365 Project: Week 21; Wyatt turns 1, chicken wings, and vizslas

Well it has been a long week, a lot has happened, most of which I won’t bother to bore you with.  Here are snippets of the week.

I did cook this week, but most of the dishes/goodies were the usual so I didn’t bother with new photos.  Such as more biscuits and gravy, chocolate chip cookies, and…

I know they look kinda silly, but I just wanted to share.  I never know how they will turn out as it’s all kinda guessing when it comes to seasoning, but so far they have always turned out, and it’s kinda fun to not have a recipe.  I am getting a hankering for crepes, and custard so you may see those soon.  Oh and I need to use up some pita, so Falafels are probably in the works as well. If the heat goes away, and work gets a little less busy more cooking will return.

It was also Wyatt’s birthday this week, more photos  and details of all that can be found on Luna’s Blog.  But here are a few more portrait-ish photos of our new 1 year old.  I am trying to get more creative with my shots and rely less on how good looking our dogs are 😉

Most of these were taken while the Mister was doing some nuisance bird control.  The dogs were not taking their eyes off him, and Luna was actually getting slightly irritated with me getting in the way of her view of him and his gun.  Bird dogs, gotta love’em

And not to leave Luna out (though a more detailed mug shot post is in the works)

As I have mentioned work has been very busy.  We currently have 13 dogs in the kennel for training.  Some are in the process of doing lessons with their owners, and others are just getting started.  Most are here for “Obedience” training, but one is here for some hunt training…

well 2 I guess… this is Heidi’s little “brother” Hanz, he came to board for a week with her, and we put them on some birds while they were here.  He got pretty wise to it all and managed to find the bird bag.  I love this photo, I love watching dogs do what they are made to do.  I don’t have any good photos of Heidi, but she is older and looks almost the same, just bigger.

And that was some of week 21 entailed, tomorrow the pups and I are headed to the Arboretum to run run run… hopefully the weather people will be wrong and it won’t get too hot.

Where I took this… maybe I will repeat this location if we end up there, with each of the dogs and hopefully better light.  To do so I must get to bed. Hope you are all having a great weekend



About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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9 Responses to 365 Project: Week 21; Wyatt turns 1, chicken wings, and vizslas

  1. I’ve seen you around the blogosphere and finally decided to visit when I noticed we frequent the same blogs (i.e. According to Gus, Happy.Bark.Days, etc)!

    I’m so smitten with your photos of Wyatt. What a handsome boy!

    • Anna says:

      Welcome 🙂 Yes I must even admit (even being a Vizsla lover) that Wyatt is indeed pretty darn handsome. Small sure but put together well, and has a great temp too. In my opinion we got the pick of the litter. Thanks for stopping by, hope you’ll be back.

  2. burstmode says:

    Those wings…wow.
    I love the 4th shot…it projects the dogs power and vitality.

  3. Aleksandra says:

    your dogs are so gorgeous. please give wyatt a big smooch between the eyes for me.

  4. Kristine says:

    Happy birthday to Wyatt! With all those birds around to watch, I am sure he had a great time!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Wyatt!

    Your shots are gorgeous. I love the little blade of grass on Wyatt’s tooth. Gus always comes in with something on his teeth from rooting around outside.

    I hope the weather held up for you!!

    • Anna says:

      thanks! Yeah we own 2 goats… you didn’t know that? They both are grass hounds, drives me bonkers sometimes. Any grass this time was mainly due to the grass just having been cut. Our weather has been in the 80/90’s and very high humidity so I guess it held out, no rain anyway. And worse day will be today. So time to get work done so we can all stay inside today.

  6. Lee's Gifts says:

    Your dogs are just gorgeous! I love the intense look in their eyes. I also have a Wyatt ~ he’s a 2 yr old German Shepherd and the love of my life! LOL

    • Anna says:

      Wow, small world with you having a Wyatt, guess it’s sort of a popular name, but not too popular. Intense is easy for these dogs, as they are hunting dogs, and they were watching chris hunt when I took these. Glad you enjoyed the photos, thanks for stopping by

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