Instagram this…

So it’s been a while since I shared iPhone photos… let alone training dog photos.  Of course if you have found me on Instagram (search for AKGInspiration) and follow my all too frequent photos these will be old news.

(Wow, in looking back to make sure I did not repeat myself, I see that it has been forever since I shared phone photos… pardon me. )

Life, as narrated by the iPhone courtesy of Instagram…….

I was asked by our breeder to house sit for her… would you turn away the chance to take care of this trio??

Their sister Jackie was not going to be left out of the attention giving…

When not house sitting for Vizslas I was training them… meet Elmer

And making frozen kongs for them to enjoy while in their kennel… Pardon the pink blanket, it was a replacement for the bed/crate pad he ate/destroyed/killed

Thankfully it was not a big bed like this… no Giotto his Vizsla neighbor (who I trained last year) did this.  As you can see from the multi-colored duct tape patches it was not the first time either. I took his hint and pitched the bed this time.

And when I wasn’t cleaning up Vizsla bed de-stuffing I was teaching Luna new tricks.. This is one of our new favorites… More pictures and even videos of these tricks can be found on Luna’s Blog… just incase you can’t get enough of the Vizslas.  But on to another breed

Shad’oh was a very special case (who may get her own blog entry eventually) I dealt with this past month… as you can see here in one of the first pictures I took of her, she was a shy, rather beaten dog when she got here.

But she left a much more relaxed, goofy, playful, happy dog. I was shocked at how much progress we were able to make with her in just a month. Can’t wait to hear how well she does in the future.

It wasn’t just the dogs that has been keeping me busy the past couple months… The other 4-leggers on property needed some special attention too…. if you can’t tell from these body part shots this is a horse, and his name is Fuzzy.  Can you see why???  Everyone seems to have grown an extra thick coat this year, despite our mild winter…

And in the midst of  all this training and horse care we had some pretty crazy weather. I have quite a few more photos to share, but I shall save those for another time.   I hope everyone is having a nice safe weekend.

Speaking of safe, for those with pets on the east coast please take notice of the recent food recall on Diamond based foods… quite an extensive recall including some voluntary recalls by some rather high end foods.


About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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4 Responses to Instagram this…

  1. lol! So cute! Really lovely photos!
    And I didn’t notice any increase in the apparent size of the moon either. I’ve seen it a lot bigger before 😛

  2. Rayya says:

    Great photos…Sounds like your pets are keeping you heaps busy. Adorable!

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