The Photographer

Hello and welcome to my humble blog.

A little about me… my name is Anna Gibson (my middle name does involve a “k” thus the K in the domain). I am a native of Virginia, but have recently relocated to Maryland.  I have dreams of living on some land (somewhere) with my husband, a family, and various animals… and I shall hold on to my belief that I have those dreams and desires for a reason.

My love of photography probably dates back as far as middle school… which seems like ages ago, but compared to many wouldn’t be that long ago. It started to get serious when a pentax camera that was passed on to me by a family friend came into the picture. I was known to blow through a roll of film in 15 minutes easy, only to end up with half of the images not coming out as I had hoped, often blurry.. but that didn’t stop me. Even back then I somehow found a way to afford all the shooting.  Skip forward a decade or so and a digital SLR (Canon EOS 7D) is my preferred method of capture. So now I have saved on film, but not on time spent sorting, backing up, and filing images. :o)

Anyway, I have never been good at talking about myself, so I will just let the images speak to you, for me, of me….



9 Responses to The Photographer

  1. Dear Anna,

    Thank you for taking an interest in our beginner’s blog. We actually spotted you a few time while blog hopping, and have been keeping an eye on your work from a distance (no, no, we’re not stalkers). We’re glad for this opportunity to now formally introduce ourselves so that we indulge in your beautiful photographs. Keep it up!

    SJ | Miss Little Red Maple Leaf

    • Anna says:

      You are more than welcome, Maple is too cute, but I am partial to the red dogs I think ;-). No problem with watching first, there are a lot of blogs out there one hardly knows where to start. I’m glad you enjoy the photos. I assume you have seen the blog I have for my own red dog, Luna? There is a link here somewhere, or it can be found on
      Thanks for watching/stalking 😉

  2. findingthemotherlode says:

    Love the new blog design:) Great layout. Clean and crisp.

    I’ve been asked to write a guest post for a fellow blogger to be published in April and thought to ask if I could use your bread photo (second shot) for the artwork:

    I would give you credit, of course–to whatever extent you’d prefer (she welcomes links and promoting the work of others). Here’s her site:

    Let me know your thoughts.

    • Anna says:

      Glad you like the layout, as I said to another, still wish I could do white rather than the gray background on the actual posts. Next up is my actual website, it needs some spring cleaning done.

      You are more than welcome to use the photo and I appreciate you asking. Let me know when the post is up and I shall check it out. If you ever want to use another others too just let me know. As far as how to credit, I will leave that up to you, so long as some sort of link is in there I’m good to go. Whether you want to just put name by photo or just link it at the bottom with a mention, like I said I will leave that up to you to decide.

      Hope you are well

      • findingthemotherlode says:

        Thanks for the yes! I just love that shot, it’s simplicity is next to divine!

        When she posts, I’ll send you the link so you can see for yourself. (She lives in Mexico, so, technically your photo will be circulating internationally:)


  3. Vizslamom says:

    Nice to know what kind of camera you have. I have been looking into getting a camera to take pictures of the dogs.

    • Anna says:

      Depending on what budget you have for it, if you can afford it.. go a line up from mine.. Like the Rebel Xsi.. that would hold you over for some time.. But hey if you just want a starter SLR, the model I have (Canon Rebel XT) is great too, i would still be shooting my Rebel actually if my husband hadn’t wanted one too so I upgraded and sold him mine.. only like 2 MP difference between Rebel and XT, and not a whole lot else outside of it being a bit smaller (which I don’t like).. You can find Rebels for about 200 bucks.. not sure what XT goes for.. Check they have really honest ratings and an excellent condition would probably be more than enough.
      Let me know if I can help any other way, I don’t know much but love sharing what I do.
      Thanks for checking out the site.

  4. Jess Kamm says:

    Hey Anna,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! My favorite lense is definitely the Canon 24-70mm, 2.8. This is the lense that I primarily use. It’s great because it can get a great wide angle…especially the closer you get the lense to the animals body. My second favorite lense is my 15mm fish eye…I use this to get some fun and distorted shots of pets faces…the nose shots are my favorite. Hope this helps!!

    • Anna says:

      thanks a bunch for getting back to me. I shall keep that in mind if I ever save enough to get another lens.. sounds like 24070mm would be a good range to have regardless.. i would love a nice 80-300 one day.. fish eye are fun indeed.
      Take care

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