A new project… and I need YOUR help.

I am in need of photos… of your dogs.  Yes you heard me right, this photographer needs more dog photos (never thought I would say that). You see I have a new project in mind, and I don’t have enough variety in the breeds I get to shoot personally so I am looking for you to share your favorite photos with me.  Let me tell you a bit about the project and what I am looking for.  But first lets start at the beginning,  as per usual Luna had something to do with it.


I decided to do a stipple drawing of my favorite girl.  I learned the art of stippling (sketching with dots) way back in High school and have loved it ever since. Sadly, as is the case with many of my hobbies, I don’t get to stipple as often as I would like. So to combat this I thought I would start a new project. And this was the start of it… but I kinda started at the end. My goal is to select a dog breed to represent every letter of the alphabet and do a stipple drawing onto a card. Later I will probably offer the cards for sale but I need to get a couple more letters done.  This stipple of Luna will represent “V is for Vizsla”

AlphBasenjiWEB_0002I recently completed this one for a friend, “B is for Basenji”. This is her Basenji Petey. Isn’t he cute?  This is a very typical pose for him (and I assume other Basenji too)
So you see I have “B” and “V”  (kinda) covered but I have yet to start at the beginning.

Here is where you come in.

 Do you own a breed that starts with “A”?  Or know someone that does?

I am looking for my next inspiration and it could be your dog.  What’s in it for you you ask?  Well if your dog is selected as my next inspiration I shall send you a copy of the stipple drawing for keeps.

I am currently taking submissions for the letter ” A ” and ” B “. Once this letter is complete I will share and take submissions for the next letter.  You may submit images up until that point.  I may decide to do more than one breed for each letter so don’t rule yours out if you submitted it before I shared the completed letter.   Those with mixed breed dogs may submit as well if they feel their mix strongly represents one of the purebred breeds, or if you just have a photo you totally love and would work well for a card. That may turn into another series in itself, time will tell.

Here are some rules to make this process a bit easier for all. 

**  Images must be taken by you and owned by you… please no images that have appeared in other publications.

** I reserve the right to crop, alter, and/or change the composition of the image

** As the artist, I own the copyright to the original work I create from your image, I have the right to donate/exhibit/sell the original as well as create residual work from and/or publish in any way in the future

** If your image is chosen I will send you a copy of the original creation, most likely in greeting card form.

Image Requirements

* High resolution images in .jpg format

* Image filename should be as follows:



If you want to submit more than one photo per letter please change the number to represent this.


Submit Photos to:  AnnaGibsonPhoto@aol.com

The subject line for the email should be ” Alphabet Series, Letter A” (change letter accordingly)

** In the email include your Name and preferred Email address.  Also please include some info about your dog. The name, breed, age, what you love about them, a funny habit… I like to know my subjects 🙂

**Please only send one image per email. With photos being higher resolution there can be complications with too many large files in one email. It is easier to just submit another email for any additional images.

I look forward to seeing your photos, please share with others who may be interested too, the more the merrier.

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Shed hunting

Some of you may already know what season it is… maybe you are out there scouring the woods and fields too… maybe you are even bringing your pups along to share in the search… for what you ask?? Antlers of course. It’s shed hunting season in our area, and we have hit the woods hard this year. Logging an average of 8 hours a weekend, doesn’t seem like much but you cover a lot of ground in 8 hours, and the dogs cover even more.

Here are some shots from our outings lately.  Go on over to Luna’s blog to see more photos and get more of a play by play.  This weekend we were blessed with some really nice spring weather, sadly we didn’t find many sheds. But we still had fun.









We had quite the adventure today, but I didn’t bring the big camera with me.  Hopefully our good friend Ed will have a fun play by play of today over on his Blog. Links to his blog found on Luna’s page 

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Sawyer Finale

The Sawyer family ended my family sessions for 2012, and despite the super cold temps we managed to get some wonderful family shots.  Such a fun family, here are a few favorites from the shoot.


I love when clients come to me with creative ideas for their shoot.  Sure they may have mostly been from Heather but hey everyone was a good sport and went along with it.


I don’t care if this one seems posed, I love it.




Love a good detail shot


The Ladies, how can you go wrong with such beauties, can you tell it was cold though?



Still figuring out a good BW conversion for LR4. But I do like this one.


Sawyer-8147LOVE love this one.  I know I am not the first to have a train track shot, but I love the light here too. So glad we were able to get out and get some christmas photos for this family. I had a blast, especially watching the silly string war at the end.  Note: Silly string does NOT work well when it’s cold.

Hope everyone is staying warm and has had a good January.  Been quite cold here and we have had a couple small snow showers too.  Makes it difficult to get out with the camera, but I have been out to document the freezes a couple times maybe those will make it up on the blog soon, or at least the Vizsla blog.

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The Lovely Lightle Family…



Next up is the Lightle family.



Yep they have a dog too, that’s actually how we know each other.


I trained their yellow lab Benny a while back and we have stayed in touch ever since.  Dara is quite the character and a talented artist too. More on that later.


Love this shot, I mean who doesn’t love the fishy face??



So much love in this family. They have been through some really hard times in 2012, I’m praying their 2013 is full of renewed strength, peace, and good health.


TatAttack-9327So I mentioned Dara was a fellow artist, is she talented or what?  Check out more of her work over at her TatAttack website. I will post more from a Henna party I attended, good times.


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2 dogs + 2 cats + 3 humans = whole lotta fun

Where on earth have I been??? Well this year went by entirely too fast (as usual) and the end especially flew.  I have never been able to come up with one of those awesome year end reviews so I will just be bringing you some highlights of 2012 over the next couple posts.

First up the Benson family, who happens to also own a Vizsla and a lab.  I trained their Vizsla, Elmer, earlier in the year and they asked me to take some family photos for them.  I was happy oblige so we got together on a butt cold day in December and braved the weather for the sake of photography.


Such troopers, hoping to get together with them again in warmer weather to add to their collection.


Matt is always a crackup


I mean seriously how can you go wrong with such a beautiful family??


Like father like son… Elmer is a goof too





Even their cats were pretty



Lucky was totally in once she learned treats were involved


Elmer largely just wanted to know where his dad went.


I find these last two hilarious, I will leave you to come up with your own captions.


Many thanks to the Benson family for inviting me into your home and being beyond hospitable, even going as far as inviting me to your thanksgiving dinner part II.  I had a blast taking pics for you all, even if the pets were not cooperating.

So one family shoot down and I had two more back to back the following Sunday. I shall bring you some highlights from those next time. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2013

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LPTG 52 Week Project; June

I bring you the month of June

LPTG 52 Week Project; Week 21: “In the Fridge”

It’s the start of berry season… I have been busy making strawberry jam, some of which is already residing in the fridge for our enjoyment. So I thought it was fitting to share the bounty with you via photo. I would share for real if anyone actually lived near me.

LPTG 52 Week Project; Week 22: “Memorial Day”

Many to remember on this day… I was without my “real” camera when I witnessed this wonderful evening light, thankfully I had my iPhone. Happy for once an iphoto turned out as well as I hoped.

LPTG 52 Week Project; Week 23: “Water”

From a small photo session with our new Betta fish… first pet fish I have photographed, I much prefer dogs I think. Bettas just don’t listen to posing prompts. Anyway he lives in the water so I thought it worked for the theme, plus he is kinda blue and red right? We like him, even if he doesn’t pose for photos well.

LPTG 52 Week Project; Week 24: “Monster”

I happened to go to the aquarium on our trip to Florida this week. I was thrilled to spot this shark to get a picture of for this week’s “Monster” theme. Check out those teeth!

Overall I am pretty happy with this shot, not easy at all to get pictures at the aquarium… not to mention all the people wanting to get pictures too. I love the composition of this shot a lot, and though the light was a little harsh on the top I think it helps lead the eye around too. Not too in love with the color/temp but kinda lends to the underwater feel too so I didn’t want to fudge with it too much. Of course it helps to have such a cool subject too. (Yeah so I kinda disagree with most my problems with this shot. The more I have looked at it the more I like it)

LPTG 52 Weeks; Week 25: “Looking Down”

If I hadn’t been looking down I would have missed this little gem. I wish the reflections had cooperated a tad more with framing, but still a wonderful find I think. Can’t really make flowing water cooperate. I love that the pocket of light illuminated it though.

So what are your favorites?? This project will be over before we know it but I am still going strong. This has been a busy busy summer at work, and the training clients are still rolling in. SOon as I send one home I get another in it seems. But hey business is a good thing. Fall is here, at least the temps will be nicer while working dogs…. and that means hunt training starts again which is whooooo.






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52 Week Photo Project: May

Sometimes shooting blind pays off (still would have worked much better if I remembered my swim mask)

Seems like my little Pentax point and shoot camera is getting more action these days than my “real” camera. For more photos from our pool outing head over to Luna’s Blog.

I used the above shot for the LPTG 52 week project theme of : “Water” Despite it’s flaws I still love this shot.  I am so behind on sharing this project with you. Here is the skinny on the month of May

52 Week Project; Week 17: “Coffee”

So I will be honest I pretty much hate coffee… I have yet to find a single thing that has even a hint of coffee flavor to it that I actually like. So I was a bit challenged by the theme this week. Here it was 7PM sunday and I had not thought of a good idea or had a chance to get out to shoot, then it dawned on me that I had Expresso powder in the freezer. BINGO!

I DO use coffee for something, my chocolate baked goods. 1 tsp goes a long way in rounding out the deep chocolate flavor in my baked goods. So I scooped some out and tried to style it on the plate (Top Chef makes this stuff look easy, SO not)

Overall I like this image, simple but I like the play with the lines and subject. Wish I had better light but the sun had already gone down. Added a little tone change too to lend to coffee feel.

LPTG 52 Week Project; Week 18: Shadows

Setup: my bed, a flashlight, liver treats, and my 50mm. Yep handheld turned out alright this time. I really should do this type of shot with her more often as it really would show off her features well if I got a better light. I struggled with the comp a bit, but in the end I felt I needed to keep the eyebrow on the right to add context as well as some of the chest shadows below. It is not perfect but I was running out of time and Luna was running out of patience. Shadows are one of my favorite subjects so I shall visit this again for sure.

LPTG 52 Week Project; Week 19: Shoes

I freaked out while in bed last night because I hadn’t gotten my photo in yet. I had a great idea too! SO I woke up to shoot it in the morning, only to find it raining out, so this will have to do.

I am a Croc lover, and yes I wear socks with them… I feel no shame in that either. The Croc on the right has been to 5 countries including Canada, Morocco, Benin and Togo… they served me more than well on many adventures. Earlier this year I finally broke down and purchased a new pair (on left) to replace my original pair of 5+ years (yeah I know I am cheap). This new pair has already been to two countries, hopefully we can build on that yet.
Overall I like the feel of this shot, yes it’s simply but there are simple shoes too. I added a bit more red to the BW conversion to warm it up a bit as I found it too dull originally.    (Nikon D7000, 50mm 1.4 lens)

LPTG 52 Week project; Week 20: “Jump”

Well fate intervened for this week’s theme. This weekend there was a dock jumping competition nearby, and I thought it was the perfect way to represent the theme. I will let the photo speak for itself. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    ( Nikon D7000, ISO 400, f/8.0 , 1/1250 )

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