Tuesday Sleepy Shout-out

Because most of us rather be doing this today…. including myself, Tuesday is my monday this week. For once I woke up feeling rather rested on a monday and powered through my work all in the morning.  Maybe the warmer weather today (45 degrees yay!) will motivate me.  Hoping to take Luna and Wyatt down to the canal for a walk/run before the nasty weather rolls in again tonight.

Other reason for this photo is I wanted to give a shout out to Luna (weird cuz she lives with me).  She won her first major this weekend at the shows.  You can read all about it on her blog.

WordPress or my Mac is glitching and link button wont work, so here is her site : http://akgvizslainspiration.wordpress.com/

Happy Tuesday!


About Anna

I am a native of Virginia but recently relocated to Maryland I often feel I am simply a visitor... here to take note of little things people often pass by... I enjoy photography, family, the outdoors, reading, my vizsla... etc etc
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4 Responses to Tuesday Sleepy Shout-out

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Another fantastic dog photo! So peaceful!

  2. Jen says:

    I know that is what I would rather be doing!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Leroy is 2 1/2 and weighs about 145 lbs. Leroy is a bit on the larger side. Sherman is 4 and weighs about 135.
    You photos are beautiful.

    • Anna says:

      Wow, I don’t know how you do it.. I couldn’t which is why short hair/single preferred, under 100lbs (more like under 60) and no drooling was in the requirements for my breed of choice. Sad too because I love the personalities of many of the larger breeds. But I give my girl credit for at least getting me out there in the cold often so we can have peace in the house. Thank YOU for stopping by here as well. Good luck with your pups

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